Landscape Maintenance & Landscape Installation

Helping Your Property Reach New Aesthetic Heights

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Landscaping Installations & Enhancements

All of our landscaping clients receive the same careful attention during an update to their home. Whether they want to complete the aesthetics of a new construction or enhance an existing landscape, the Big Sky Landscaping team can help.

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Softscape Installations
Working with you to adjust existing living landscapes to better fit your needs. 
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Landscape Enhancement
Hardscape Installations
Working with you and your vision to create a gorgeous ecosystem that compliments new construction. 
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Our Commitment to Big Sky's Ecosystem

Helping Big Sky Stay Happier and Healthier for Longer

Big Sky Landscaping takes pride in adding native plants to the residential or commercial landscapes we’ve designed. The use of native trees, shrubs, ground cover, and grasses, which have adapted to local conditions (including climate, geography, hydrology, soil, and other native plants and animals) add rustic beauty to your softscape, rebuild local biomes, and reduce the need for pesticides, fertilizers, and water. Many of the species we use are vigorous and hardy, able to survive winter’s cold and summer’s heat.

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