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Container Gardens
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Full-Service Container Gardens

Our Garden Center employees create gardens for our Big Sky customers to purchase and replant for years to come. Purchase container gardens from our Garden Center and schedule pickup or deliveries for decoration on your front porch, pathway, or deck. 

Our full-service container garden program runs on the following seasonal schedule: 
  • After you purchase your containers, or we pick up your existing containers, we will store your pots in our greenhouse for the winter 
  • Before storage, your pots are cleaned out and prepped for spring. 
  • We begin planting flowers in your containers in May in our temperature-controlled greenhouse based on what you like/dislike and whether your containers will be in the sun or the shade. 
  • We care for your planted containers until late June – depending on the weather 
  • We will deliver and place your containers at your property by July 4th.  
  • We maintain your containers three days a week until Labor Day. Maintenance includes deadheading flowers, watering, fertilizing, spraying animal deterrents if needed, and replanting flowers where some have died/been eaten.  
  • After Labor Day, we pick up your containers for winter storage. 

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